Fringe Copywriting

Why Fringe Copywriting?  Because we believe small businesses help to spread the wealth and promote healthy, prosperous communities and create vibrant marketplaces.  Like fringe dwelling communities living on the edge of society with alternative views and lifestyles, stories to tell, unique and original, small businesses offer an authentic personable service with specialised skills and expertise that only comes from living on the fringe of big franchises.


And you could say that each small business wears it’s own unique personality like a fringe. They come in all different shapes and sizes – long ones, short ones, narrow, wide, straight, curly, wispy, parted on the side, parted down the middle.  They can be sexy, playful, serious, kinky, old fashioned or ultra modern.  Your fringe is an expression of you, it says a little bit about your character. So, how do you wear yours?


This is the inspiration for Fringe Copywriting. What is unique about your business?  Let us help you find it.


“Small is Beautiful – Economics as if People Mattered”

E F Schumacher