How to Build Confidence and Boost Sales By Advertising Your Rates

notebook with dollar sign outline

Start-up business owners, who are primarily service providers, are sometimes afraid to put their rates out there because they think it might scare their customers off or be under-pricing themselves.

There is nothing more telling than adding a lonely ‘contact’ button to your website to request a quote.  All it’s doing is telling the customer you lack confidence by not having a solid pricing structure and places an added burden on the customer to track you down to explain what they want.  There is nothing wrong with having a contact button, but this should only be used for general enquiries.

By advertising your rates, you increase your credibility and release the customer of that added burden of ‘contacting’ you.  By predicting and planning what the client will need for any particular job and presenting options in pre-priced packages, you provide transparency and increase customer confidence knowing that the same base rate or price for any job is the same for everyone.  This could be your most effective selling tool yet.

Before you go live with your pricing, you will need to set your site up with a reputable payment provider or booking system.  Do your due diligence and choose a reputable payment service provider that suits your business needs and one your customers know and trust, or a booking system that allows you to contact the person to discuss any added requests, delays and confirmations.

So get cracking on your pricing and showcase your wonderful products and services by displaying them on a menu of well crafted packages.  Offer your customer options and prices that will show them you are interested in what they are trying to achieve and that they don’t need to go anywhere else.  Then all your customer needs to do is click ‘Buy’ or ‘Book’.

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