When Apples Ain’t Apples – How To Stand Out From The Crowd

pexels-photo-616833.jpegLet’s face it, there’s a million and one businesses out there all selling the same thing as you.  So, what makes you stand out from the rest?

Changing demographics and subcultures mean you are not going to reach everyone with your product, and why would you want to.  You want to reach those groups who have a genuine interest that will bring you greater conversions, right?

Now is the time to really specialise.  Streamline your target audience and focus on three or four features that will appeal to them personally.  Let’s say for instance:

  • Product features
  • Local access
  • Delivery options
  • In-home service
  • Competitive prices
  • Availability – hours of service
  • Expertise
  • New product specific to an industry
  • Sole supplier
  • Biggest variety
  • Easy terms
  • Ongoing support

Once you have homed in on a few special features (not too many), tell them how each one will benefit them and make it personal to their needs.

The next step is to add your main feature as a tagline so that when they are searching the web, your product will stand out with a feature they can relate to.

Give it a go.

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